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Enterprise file storage and sharing

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What is           ?

Where security and simplicity meet
XBin is the Enterprise storage platform built ground up for the modern Enterprise landscape of mobile, and internet connected devices and hybrid-cloud platforms.
Integrating data from applications, employee desktops, and cloud into a single unified file storage platform which can be shared, accessed securely and has Enterprise controls built in.

XBin can be hosted internally as a cloud enabled, secure storage solution or combined with cloud storage platforms like AWS S3 or Azure Storage for a unified hybrid-cloud solution.
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Why           ?

Modern Enterprises are hyper-connected and need data and file access available instantly
across all types of devices, and applications, without compromising on security.
Audits and standards like PCI, HIPAA, GDPR require the Enterprise data to be secured, and
encrypted, and yet be available instantly to the employees and applications.

XBin is the only data storage platform built ground-up to meet these requirements. It includes “OneView” feature which combines data across applications, cloud and on-prem into a single, unified controlled storage solution, and applies the same access controls no matter where the data resides.

Enterprise has full control over its data, including ability to share the data with controls like encryption or deletion once the data access has expired.

Specs and Plans

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