About Teleworkr

What is Teleworkr?

Teleworkr is advanced software designed from the ground up for remote work, providing unique teleworking requirements for the future. Working remotely requires a complete digital office with the same features, controls and business environment as a physical office. Teleworkr is the only complete telecommuting solution on the market today that offers this solution to meet your business, employee and IT needs.


Why Teleworkr ?

Cost-effective with all these features and more.

With Teleworkr, you don't have to deal with the headache of buying all these independent products and integrating them. Teleworker provides all these needs with the ease of quick installation.

The minimum company integration time is only one day to one week .

Teleworkr Features

  • Teleworkr is a secure and managed remote access solution, with a simple installation that requires no need to modify the corporate network.

  • Supports Windows Desktop for the Agent to be installed on company devices, can then be accessed remotely through the Teleworker Portal on Mac or Windows.

  • Extra access customizable if requested - Can also integrate and expose various business needs such as AS 400/Specific Web Applications and various other Devices on the network safely to the employees

  • Secure multi factor login.

  • Available on cloud, additionally TekMonks can deploy a VM on the company network and provide remote setup for convenience. 

  • Remote working desk - showing coworkers working together, for a virtual office like experience, and subtle social psychology.

  • Role based access portal, ensures that only employees can access resources they are authorized to access.

  • SmartFirewall with “Virtual Segmented Network” isolation, protecting your organization and remote workers in such a way that hackers can’t even find a network path to the remote machines.


How it works



After the Teleworkr Agent is installed on the desired desktop, users can access it and their allocated applications from home devices.
Teleworkr uses TekMonks ‘Reflection Network' technology to form a connection. This technology enables users to establish a remote desktop connection without opening any firewall ports. Therefore, the companies precious data will never be exposed. Users are un able to copy,  download or even visit other sections in the company network, as there is no connection to the real network data from the Reflected network.
It is 100% secure, built on top of MFA zero trust technology. When a user tries to access from home devices, they will be strongly authenticated.

Intuitive Design

Just install the Teleworkr agent on the user's desktops via a simple central push. Additionally, the users can self install.

There is no need to modify the corporate network. After the secure login, the user will then be connected to their virtual office. From here they can see their team members status, communicate and access their resources to enable productive remote work.


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